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3 Types of Pornography

3 Types of  Pornography

What is Pornography?
Pornography is defined as imagery, in addition to various forms of media, that depicts actions presumed to be overtly sexual and erotic in nature. In a legal spectrum, Pornography can be defined as sexually-explicit material that is displayed or viewed with the intention of the provision of sexual gratification.
While the classification of material deemed to be Pornographic in nature varies in accordance with local legislation, a variety of genres of Pornography exist, which range from legal Pornography to illegal Pornography. Furthermore, within the public setting, the presence of material deemed as Pornography is considered to be unlawful and illegal.
Types of Pornography
The following are some examples of pornographic genres that exist within the wide range of a media spectrum existing on both domestic and international levels:
●  ‘Soft-Core’ Pornography: This type of Pornography is classified as drastically less sexually-explicit in nature with regard to other genres of pornography that depict gratuitous illustrations of sexuality, such as ‘Hard-Core Pornography’.
●  ‘Hard-Core’ Pornography: This type of Pornography typically depicts apparent and prominent illustrations of sexually-explicit acts that are erotic in nature. In many cases, this type of Pornography is legal, yet the settings in which ‘Hard-Core’ Pornography can be viewed may be strictly regulated.
●  Illegal Pornography: Illegal Pornography is a genre of Pornographic media that is deemed to be illegal and unlawful. As a result, the ownership, sales, and distribution of such material are considered to be criminal acts.
The following are some examples of illegal Pornography:
•    Pornography that depicts minors, children, or individuals below the age(s) of 18;
•    Pornography that depicts sexual acts involving animals;
•    Pornography that depicts violence and injury.