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What are Banned Videos

What are Banned VideosWhat are Banned Videos?

Banned Videos are forms of multimedia that largely exist on the Internet; videos existing on the Internet are may range in length, content, and subject matter; with regard to the respective classification of a video, the nature of the content of a video – or videos – will typically determine whether or not those videos will be deemed as Banned Videos. In many cases, websites that host digital videos of this nature will provide their respective users with classifications and requirements expressing which videos will be classified as Banned Videos.

The Determination of Banned Videos

As a result of the heightened popularity of websites specializing in the hosting of these videos, individual users have the opportunity to access these websites and view the videos in a variety of methods; the following are some terms commonly employed with regard to both digital video sites of this nature, as well as the methodology behind the ideologies employed in the determination of Banned Videos:
Hosting: The term ‘hosting’ refers to the process of allowing digital coding, which represents the video in question, to exist on an individual website; upon placing this coding on a website, the digital video will be viewable by visitors to the website
Streaming: A streaming video is a digital video that exists on a website hosting videos, which allows for the video to be viewed in a ‘real time’ setting; upon viewing a streaming video, the user will have the opportunity to view the video without the need to download it onto their personal computer
Terms of Service: The terms of service are a collection of rules, regulations, and statues by which an individual must abide in order to engage in the use of a specific product or service. Within the individual terms of service employed by an institution – including websites that host digital video – will exist a clause allowing for that particular video hosting website to determine whether or not videos will be classified as Banned Videos

Common Themes and Subject Matter of Banned Videos

Prior to the establishment of what qualifies videos as ‘Banned Videos’, many institutions hosting digital videos and digital media will commonly use their own discretion upon determining a required age limit prior to streaming the video in question. However, despite an expressed age limit will, videos determined to be illegal, unethical, offensive, or harmful in nature will largely be considered to be Banned Videos on individual video websites. Any inclusion of the following subject matter is uniform with regard to Banned Videos; the inclusion of illegal or unlawful activity may also result in criminal prosecution:
Violence in Banned Videos

This includes criminal activity, threat, malice, or the promotion of illegal and damaging ideas with the intent to cause harm

Unlawful Sexual Activity in Banned Videos

This includes Pornography that depicts minors, children, or individuals below the age(s) of 18, Pornography that depicts sexual acts involving animals, Pornography that depicts violence and injury, and Pornography that depicts incest or unlawful familial sexual relations